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  • £3.48

    Blue Dolphin PVC Tape for Masking - 50mm x 50m Upgrade your masking process with Blue Dolphin PVC Tape, a premium solution designed for securing drop films and masking narrow areas with precision. This high-quality...

  • £4.95

    Blue Dolphin orange rough surface exterior Brick Tape orange brick tape 50mm x 50 mts blue dolphin is soft adhesive tape used to mask stonework and brickwork orange brick tape low tack for low rough...

  • £3.20

    Blue Dolphin Builders Tape 50mm x 50m - The Ultimate Solution for Building Tasks Revolutionize your building projects with Blue Dolphin White Stucco Builders Tape, a versatile solution designed to meet all your masking needs....

  • Blue dolphin washi tape Blue Dolphin Washi Tape Ultra Premium

    Blue Dolphin Washi Tape professional masking tape blue dolphin washi tape Blue dolphin washi tape 60 Day clean removable blocks paint bleed for the sharpest lines. Washi Tec masking tape. Easy tear 48mm x 50...

  • £4.85

    Blue dolphin Render Tape Experience Unmatched Quality with White Blue Dolphin Render Tape Craft your projects with precision using the White Blue Dolphin Render Tape, exclusively from PFT Wales. Renowned for its strong adhesion and...

  • £0.01

    Finance deals for plastering machines and screed pump Buying a Plastering Machine or Screed Pump is a large investment, with the construction industry booming and plastering, floor laying and rendering being required at all sites,...

  • £4.29

    Gaffa Type cloth tape Grey 50 mts Gaffa or duct or cloth tape is the cheapest way to mask the windows. If removed within a day and left in the shade its the best available...

  • £3.25

    Duo Tape masking tape double sided 25mm Double sided tape for masking 25 mts. The duo tape is applied to 3 edges of the window or door you are protecting. The desired drop film is...