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    SkimFlex Black Tiger Utility Knife: The Pinnacle of Cutting Precision Elevate your toolkit with the SkimFlex Black Tiger Utility Knife. Exclusive to SkimFlex and PFT Wales, this game-changing utility knife is a blend of innovation...

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    Insulation Cutting Tool The Skimflex Ultimate Insulation Cutting Tool for Professionals Description: Are you tired of struggling with scissors or a regular knife to cut insulation materials? Look no further! Introducing the ultimate Insulation Cutting...

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    Hot Ball Insulation cutter To make a 40 mm diameter channel on insulating materials behind plasterboard without damaging them. PERFECT to make your multimedia connections, switch and socket installations invisible. TIME-SAVING = no need to...

  • Ox green laser level Ox Pro heavy Duty Laser level Pack

    Ox Green Laser level Easy to operate ox green beam laser level. IP65 waterproof dust proof Superb for dry lining, floor laying, installing render beads with a laser, tiling carpentry plus many other uses Can...

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    RAMBOO 7.5m x 25mm Hi viz power tape measure wide blade. Rubber case. 30% thicker blade. Triple durability. Allows for extra long stand outs. Hi - viz marking colour makes the tape harder to lose...

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    The RST folding knife is designed with a safetly lock back system making it safe to keep in your pocket or any tool box. It's sleak design is manufactured from aluminium, making it a robust...

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    The RST utility knife is designed within a zinc alloy body. The push button release allows the blade to be brought forward and back depending on the required size of the blade. The blade is...

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    Finance deals for plastering machines and screed pump Buying a Plastering Machine or Screed Pump is a large investment, with the construction industry booming and plastering, floor laying and rendering being required at all sites,...

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    Size : 12" x 3" / 300 x 76mm Handle Type : Durasoft Handle