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  • £4.99

    external threaded geka coupling Brass Claw coupling for water or air All sizes available

  • £1,149.95

    PFT Anti Dust Equipment for G4 Plastering Machine In order to reduce the dust exposure on construction sites, PFT has developed this practical add on for your G4 plastering machine. The revolutionary PFT Anti-Dust-Unit G4...

  • £528.99

    PFT Water pump AV3000 240 volt/ 110 Volt to supply pressurised water to run the plastering machine. Built in frame for portable easy to move stainless steel pressure switch control flow Switch Idle backup Stainless...

  • £1,099.00

    PFT K2 Air Compressor for G4 Standard. The compressor has a built in pressure switch to turn the unit off when on standby. PFT K2 Air Compressor is 415 volt and has a 4 pin...

  • £920.00

    Air compressor DELTA 2 230V with pressure switch-off device Reciprocating compressor, suitable for mixing pump RITMO XL, G4 Next Generation for all models with 230 V and 1 Phase dry running Oil-free condensate motor, including...

  • £899.99

    Ritmo Air compressor for PFT Ritmo 110 volt and 240 volt inc pressure switch to turn off machine and turn of compressor Rotary compressor with pressure control and pressure switch RITMO Suitable for RITMO L...

  • £969.99

    PFT LK 250 air compressor. PFT K2 Air Compressor for G4 Standard. The compressor has a built in pressure switch to turn the unit off when on standby. PFT K2 Air Compressor is 415 volt...

  • £1,482.50

    PFT comp p400 compressor Stand alone with electric pressure shutdown. Perfect for use with pft texturing guns and hopper sprayers. High output perfect for spraying acrylic silicone render High airflow Two oil-free compressed air connections...

  • £846.99

    Gentilin c330 air compressor with 3 year Warranty Please inquire first for delivery Handy sized economical air compressor available in 240 v. 330 lts is suitable air for spraying pre mixed colored topcoats like parex...

  • £309.99

    Extension hopper PFT G4 70 litre extension hopper approx 6-8 bags G4 next generation post 2013 G4 pre 2013 Powder coated lightweight available at PFT Wales

  • £637.99

    PFT Ritmo extension hopper Greedy hopper for Ritmo M/L pre 2018 Greedy hopper for Ritmo L Plus post 2018 75 litre extension hopper for plastering machines, holds approx 6-8 bags, *Please call for pricing and...

  • £175.99

    Remote control cable for plastering machines Operate machine from a on off switch on the remote cable Various lengths 25 mts & 50 Mts PFT Quality equipment Useful for screeding and operations where separate air...

  • £99.99

    PFT consistency checking tube PFT Original Consistency checking tube with coupling 25 female 25 mm female fitting For checking consistency of material from mixing pump. Ideal to keep working area clean Also useful for cleaning...

  • £39.99

    Power cable For PFT Ritmo Plastering machine 2.5 mm rubber power cable 16 amp power plugs and sockets Various lengths Top quality power extension lead

  • £159.95

    3 Phase Power Cable Plastering Machine Various Lengths 6 MM 5 Core SY Armoured Power cable Male & Female 32 Amp Plugs 15 meters 25 mts