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  • £14.99

    Superprof Serrated Spatula stainless steel The Superprof Serrated Spatula is available in two convenient sizes: 480mm and 570mm, so you can choose the perfect size for your specific rendering needs. Whether you're working on a...

  • £20.00

    Introducing the Refina Serrated Notched Spatula Unlock a new dimension of precision and efficiency with the Refina Serrated Notched Spatula – the ultimate tool for plasterers and renderers. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and...

  • £7.99

    The RST folding knife is designed with a safetly lock back system making it safe to keep in your pocket or any tool box. It's sleak design is manufactured from aluminium, making it a robust...

  • £4.99

    The RST utility knife is designed within a zinc alloy body. The push button release allows the blade to be brought forward and back depending on the required size of the blade. The blade is...

  • £24.99

    Refina adjustable square, used to determine reveals and returns can be formed square and true before floating or planing Can be adjusted for different sized reveals and returns Square & angle Stainless steel For reveals...

  • £0.01

    Finance deals for plastering machines and screed pump Buying a Plastering Machine or Screed Pump is a large investment, with the construction industry booming and plastering, floor laying and rendering being required at all sites,...

  • £16.99

    The pft swiss plastering trowel is a double handed trowel ideal for thin coat work. By utilizing both hands the user is able to press harder with the pft swiss plastering trowel at different angles...

  • £41.39

    Refina serrated spatula 24" 600 mm • Lightweight plastic roll grip frame • Stainless steel blade 0.6mm thick The serrated spatula is produced with a stainless steel blade and is for levelling monocouche, polymer base...

  • £9.99

    Size : 12" x 3" / 300 x 76mm Handle Type : Durasoft Handle