Refina Superflex Trowel 12-18"

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size: 12
Handle/Material: rubber
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Refina Superflex Trowel: The Ultimate Tool for Flawless Skim Plastering

Experience Unparalleled Perfection with the Refina Superflex Trowel

If you're in search of the ultimate tool to achieve flawlessly smooth skim plastered walls, look no further than the Refina Superflex Trowel. With its exceptional design and superior craftsmanship, this trowel is specifically engineered to provide impeccable results in the later stages of troweling up. Let us take you on a journey through the remarkable features that make the Refina Superflex Trowel a game-changer in the world of professional plastering.

Unrivaled Quality: Crafted for Perfection Refina Superflex Trowel

Made with meticulous attention to detail in Germany, the Refina Superflex Trowel boasts unmatched quality that is second to none. Its .04mm stainless steel blade sets a new standard for precision and durability. The rust-free construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to achieve outstanding results with every application. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this trowel guarantees a smooth and flawless finish, elevating the overall aesthetic of your plastered walls.

Versatility at Your Fingertips: Handle Options to Suit Your Preference

At Refina, we understand that comfort and grip play a vital role in achieving optimal results. That's why we offer a range of handle options for the Superflex Trowel. Choose from rubber, cork, or leather handles, each providing a unique tactile experience. The ergonomic design ensures maximum control and reduces fatigue during extended use. Select the handle that suits your preference and enjoy an enhanced plastering experience like never before.

Precision in Every Stroke: Perfectly Engineered Features

The Refina Superflex Trowel sets itself apart with an array of thoughtfully engineered features that enhance its performance and versatility. Let's explore the remarkable characteristics that make this trowel an indispensable tool for professional plastering:

  1. Super Flat Plastering Trowels: Designed to deliver flawless finishes, these trowels provide unparalleled smoothness and accuracy. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and embrace perfection with every stroke.
  2. The Straightest Finishing Edge: With the Refina Superflex Trowel, achieving precise edges becomes effortless. Its innovative design ensures a straight finishing edge, allowing you to create sharp and clean lines that exude professionalism.
  3. Slightly Radiused Corners: The trowel's slightly radiused corners enable seamless application of plaster, preventing unsightly lines or marks. Experience uninterrupted flow and consistent results with this remarkable feature.
  4. Machine Chamfered Side Edges: Enhanced control is at your fingertips with the machine chamfered side edges of the Refina Superflex Trowel. These edges facilitate smooth movements, making plastering a breeze even in tight corners and challenging areas.

Your Trustworthy Companion: Backed by Quality Assurance

At Refina, we stand behind the exceptional quality of our products. The Superflex Trowel is no exception. We proudly offer a one-year guarantee for trade use, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is protected. This trowel is pre-worn-in and ready for use on finish plasters, ensuring optimal performance right out of the box.

Choose Refina Superflex Trowel: Elevate Your Plastering Craftsmanship

Experience the difference that the Refina Superflex Trowel can make in your plastering projects. From its flawlessly smooth finish to its ergonomic design, this trowel is designed to surpass your expectations. Join the league of professionals who trust the Refina Superflex Trowel for exceptional results. Order yours today and take your plastering craftsmanship to new heights.


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