Scaffold bungee Ties

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Scaffold bungee ties

Scaffold Bungee Cords with Hooks -Blue Or White Toggle Tie Down Elastic Cord - 30cm Shock Cord - Bungee Straps for Fixing Scaffold Sheeting, Tarpaulins Down and Banners

Scaffold bungee ties

Packs of 10, 20,50 & 100

  • ✅ J SHAPED TOGGLE DESIGN: Elastic cord with puncture tip on one side, with J-shaped toggle on the other side. Tie down straps have inner high elastic latex thread with tenacity polyester cover incorporating a high impact toggle & hook at each end.
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Bungee rope is made of elastic rubber cord with hook and toggle. Bungee cord is a multi-purpose fastening item usually used in the construction field for fixing scaffolding sheets onto the scaffold. Bungee straps also can be applied in another area as per the buyer's situation.
  • ✅ SAFE CONSTRUCTIONS: Bungees with hooks are designed with safety in mind, so that in very strong winds they will break and allow the sheeting to come loose, avoiding any potential dangers and damages.
  • ✅ SIZE: The total length of each shock cord is approximately 30cm, with a total stretch of approximately 40cm. Now bungee ties featuring a handy rounded toggle that is easier to fit through tarpaulin eyelets.
  • ✅ APPLICATIONS: Rubber straps with hooks are most commonly used for fixing scaffold sheeting. But elastic bungee cord can also be used to tie tarpaulins down, banner, and other items. Use scaffold bungie strap ties to keep scaffold sheeting secure, and your site looking professional.

Scaffold bungee ties

Elastic bungee cord with hooks is made for use in conjunction with the scaffold sheeting. The pointed plastic toggle is attached to the one end of rubber bungee allowing penetration through the polyethene sheeting. Although bungee cord hooks are mainly used for tarpaulin scaffold sheeting, stretch cord can also be used for tying down tarpaulins. Bungee cords and fixings work to prevent scaffold sheeting from coming loose in the wind or blowing away.

To apply simply thread the toggle end through an eyelet, loop around support and use the hook end to secure the rubber cord. Toggle elastic ties are used for fixing scaffold sheeting, but elasticated bungee cord can also be used to tie tarpaulins down, banner, and other items. Use scaffold bungee cords flex to keep scaffold sheeting secure, and your site looking professional.

Features :

  • Elastic tie straps with puncture tip one side, with J-shaped toggle on the other side
  • Bungee cords with hooks used to safely and securely fasten scaffold sheeting, reinforced poly and tarps to scaffolding or another structural framework
  • Easy to install, easy to remove the elastic ties with hooks
  • Save time, labour & energy during the installation of scaffolding enclosures
  • Allows the sheeting to be installed from inside the scaffold frame; not from outside

Specifications :

  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Inner Material: Latex Thread
  • Length of Bungee Cord: 30cm
  • Colour: White with Blue Fleck
  • Bungy Cords Pack: Pack of 20, Pack of 50 & Pack of 100
Vendor: PFT Wales
Quantity: pack of 10, pack of 20, pack of 50, pack of 100
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