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Refina Tiling SPONGE FLOAT Square Cut 30mm

Refina Tiling Sponge Float: Maximizing Efficiency in Tiling


The Refina Tiling Sponge Float is an indispensable tool for all professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This innovative tool boasts a unique 30mm square cut yellow hydro sponge on an 11" float, designed specifically to maximize efficiency in tile cleaning after grouting. The float's one-piece recycled plastic construction and comfortable soft-grip handle merge durability, user comfort, and a conscious nod to environmental sustainability.

Unique Square Cut Hydro Sponge

The defining feature of the Refina Tiling Sponge Float is its unique 30mm square cut yellow hydro sponge. Designed to optimize performance, this highly absorbent sponge effectively collects grout and debris, allowing for extended periods between rinses during use. This leads to a polished, spotless finish, making achieving professional tiling results easier than ever.

Comfortable and Sustainable Design

The Refina Tiling Sponge Float is designed with the user's comfort in mind. The soft-grip handle ensures that even extended usage does not result in discomfort, enabling you to deliver your best work without compromise. Its one-piece float is made from recycled plastic, enhancing its durability and marking it as an eco-friendly choice. When you use this sponge float, you're not only selecting a tool that caters to your tiling needs but also one that respects the environment.

Optimal Absorption, Release, and Retention

A top-quality sponge float should offer superior absorption, release, and retention — and the Refina Tiling Sponge Float delivers just that. The hydro sponge efficiently absorbs water and grout residue, enabling the cleaning of large areas effectively. It releases trapped dirt and water appropriately, preventing buildup that could obstruct your work. Its excellent retention capabilities ensure the sponge doesn't dry out rapidly or require frequent rewetting, offering a consistently reliable performance.

A Tool for All

Regardless of whether you're a professional tradesperson, a committed home renovator, or a DIY enthusiast, the Refina Tiling Sponge Float is a tool designed for you. It simplifies the often daunting task of tile cleaning after grouting, making your projects more efficient. Its robust durability, combined with its superior performance, make it a cost-effective choice that delivers value over the long term.


In summary, the Refina Tiling Sponge Float with its 30mm square cut yellow hydro sponge stands out as an excellent choice for any tiling task. Its user-centric design, outstanding sponge quality, and environmentally conscious construction distinguish it from its competitors. Invest in this tool and take your tiling projects to the next level of efficiency and excellence.

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