Refina Superkim Bundle 32"+40" + EXT POLE + Case Drywall

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Refina Superkim Bundle 32"+40" + EXT POLE + Case

Refina Superskim

1 x 32 spatula

1 x 40 spatula

1 x ext pole

1 x protective carry case

The Refina Superflex Skimming Spatula are superb for flattening in skim coats.

The .3mm ultra flexible stainless steel flexible blade is ready to use out of the box.

The Refina Superflex Skimming Spatula is used after the skim coat has been layed on. The extra blade length and comfortable handle make easy work of flattening the skim.

The flexible skimming spatula has a plastic handle and stainless steel blade, an extension pole can be added to allow easy finishing of the ceilings from the floor.

Refina Superkim Bundle 32"+40" + EXT POLE + Case

Refina original quality tools

Extending Handle also available for the plastering spatula

• Ultra Flexible stainless steel blades
• Rigid plastic profile
• Lighter weight than aluminium rules
• Rounded edges & tapered blade
• Ergo grip h frame

The skimming spatula-rules are produced with a flexible stainless steel blade and ergo grip lightweight rigid handle
The larger skimming spatula-rules are for finishing larger areas and ceilings

The rigid plastic ergo grip frames are 30% lighter than comparable rules with metal frames

The smaller spatula are used for taping and jointing and also for small areas like reveals & above door frames

Refina Superflex spatula reviews picked up from the internet

Might have been done to death but I tried the superflex spatula for the first time ever today and its awesome. Laid gear down with the normal steel trowel, then just used superflex and finally the plazi to flatten and finish.

As good as any walls I’ve ever skimmed, with plenty of ‘sit down’ time. I’m confident I could get way more on than usual, using these babies.

Nice shaped stainless steel blade can get into corners very well. The size of the spatula means I can smooth out a sponged wall in no time. This allows me to use the superflex spatula attached to the Refina Superskim pole over a sponged ceiling with no snags or misses in the plaster, unlike flattening non sponged plaster”

“The design of the Refina Superskim is easy on the wrists meaning an effortless set. Applying pressure is easy. Once the sponge lines are flat I can then use the superflex spatula to finish the wall/ceiling area in a good time and with less pressure on the wrists”

“Basically I always sponge the plaster allowing us to use a superflex again. As I do a lot of domestic work, the walls are a bit uneven so I use the 600cm spat and found it covered the wall with no missed areas or snags”

“We have been trying sponge methods and have used a range of tools. Recently I have been using the superflex spats to flatten in sponged plaster, this has worked so well for several reasons.

When flattening and trowelling in sponge lines, it can take time and be hard work on the wrist as we need to apply a decent amount of pressure to remove them.

Allow 3-5 minutes until the sponge lines are not so wet and have started to firm up again as you don’t want to flatten it in while still really wet as you will just take off the surface. Wait a short while and trowel with the spatula. Clean up get ready for next set and return to wall for a quick polish up with spat. By using the spats, it speeds up the set and make life so easy”

“Flatten quickly with a superflex spatula to remove lines and tidy up. Once ready tidy up corners and trowel over wall by hand with a steel trowel filling in any missed areas, the wall still a bit wet at this stage”

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