D7 2-5 Rotor and Stator Powercone set complete 25 litres Output Next Generation

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D7-2.5 RS
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D7 2-5 Rotor and Stator Powercone set

Introducing the D 7 - 2 5 Powercone Rotor and Stator: A New Era of Efficiency in Plastering Technology

In the competitive world of plastering and rendering equipment, the D 7 - 2 5 Powercone Rotor and Stator from PFT stands out as a paragon of efficiency and durability. This remarkable set, now available at PFT Wales for a special price of £109.99, is set to revolutionize the industry with its enhanced output and maintenance-free operation. Let's explore the advanced features and benefits of this exceptional product.

Revolutionary Output and Efficiency

The D 7 - 2 5 Powercone Rotor and Stator set boasts an output of 25 liters, marking a 25% increase in efficiency compared to the Twister D63. This heightened performance means faster completion of projects, allowing professionals to undertake more work in less time.

Maintenance-Free and Ready-to-Go

One of the most compelling advantages of the D 7 - 2 5 set is its maintenance-free design. Ready to go and operational immediately after installation, it removes the hassle of regular upkeep, making it a time-saving solution for busy professionals. The preset tension allows for immediate use without the need for adjustments, ensuring that projects can commence without delay.

Innovative Design for Low Operating Temperature

The design of the D 7 - 2 5 set focuses on reducing the heat generated during operation. Excess heat can impact the rubber of the stator; hence, PFT has innovatively crafted this set to ensure fast heat dissipation. This "cool" approach to work not only extends the lifespan of the components but also maintains optimal performance throughout usage.

Unmatched Durability and Pressure Resistance

The constant rubber wall thickness of the stator in the D 7 - 2 5 set guarantees uniform stress and continuous conveying outputs across a broad pressure range. This feature ensures that the set can withstand any pressure, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Unparalleled Longevity

The rotor is manufactured with the highest wear resistance on the market, thanks to its extremely high chrome carbide content. The fully hardened solid material provides high wear resistance even after extensive use, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance.

Optimal Pressure Stability

The D 7 - 2 5 set is designed to prevent deformation in the rubber, which can lead to higher wear and impact pressure stability. This stability is crucial for maintaining holding pressure in the chambers and preventing reflux in the stator.

Customizable Pre-Stress and Pump’s Operating Range

PFT has gone a step further by offering a customizable pre-stress system. The tension can be adjusted using screws, allowing professionals to retighten and tune the stator according to specific needs. This adaptability makes the D 7 - 2 5 set versatile for different applications and materials.


The D 7 - 2 5 Powercone Rotor and Stator set from PFT represents a significant advancement in plastering and rendering equipment technology. Available at PFT Wales at an unbeatable price, this set offers exceptional efficiency, maintenance-free operation, and durability. Its innovative design and customizable features make it a valuable investment for professionals looking to enhance their work efficiency and quality.

With a delivery rate of 25 l/min and a grain size of up to 3 mm, the next generation integrates perfectly
into the PFT rotor/stator family.

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